Meon Shore Naturist Beach

Meon Shore Beach, Hampshire

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Meon Shore beach can be found on the northern shore of the Solent, either by parking at at the car park just west of Titchfield Haven and walking further west or by parking at the Titchfield Copse car park on Meon Road and walking along the footpaths to the cliff and down to the beach and on most weekdays this walk is devoid of other users.  The Naturist part of the beach is not marked but starts just past where the homes finish on top of the cliff and continues for some half a mile until some way short of the caravan park. The beach is all shingle and the sea is shallow for some way out.  At high tide the beach is very narrow and there are always people strolling up and down and walking dogs but never any problems with the Naturists.  At low tide the beach is much wider.  Along the stretch of beach there can often be 30 or 40 naturists but also sometimes only a few, depending on the day of the week and the time of the day. The beach never feels crowded.  Much of it can be seen from the clifftop footpath but again this never seems a problem.

Approx. location 50°49’24.4″N 1°15’25.2″W

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Calshot Naturist Beach

Calshot naturist beach

Calshot Naturist Beach

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Calshot is an unofficial naturist beach. The naturist section is to the far right as you look at the sea; when you come across the groynes (wooden poles protruding from the ground) you know you have arrived. The beach is all pebble and there is not much space when the tide comes in so watch for that!

It is a relatively quiet beach and ideal for relaxing in the sun while reading a good book or just watching the ships coming and going from the port of Southampton. On nice days, there are many people who use the solent for water activities and some come close to the shore so bear that in mind.

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