Taddiford Gap Naturist Beach

Taddiford Gap Naturist Beach, New Forest, Southampton

Location: Google Maps

I had the pleasure of doing a naturist photoshoot on this beach back in the summer and it is a really nice place – if you don’t mind the stoney shore!

From the Google map above, you will see the Milford Road and B3058 and as you travel along the road towards Barton on Sea Golf Club, there is a car park on the left hand side – park in here. It is a pay and display so ensure you have change. At the bottom (left corner as you enter the car park) there is a track that takes you down to the beach.

The beach itself is stoney – and quite big stones too but nothing too uncomfortable; I was not happy walking bare feet on them but sandals or old trainers will do the trick. It’s a big beach with lots of space so not crowded and as you see from the picture above, there are other users as well. From where we were positioned, dog walkers and other textiles

walked past but no one batted an eyelid.

You can gain access from Milford on Sea car park where there is also The Kiosk. Go onto the beach and walk right, past the beach huts and you’ll come to the naked area.

New Forest Naked Hike

New Forest Naked Hike Walk

Date: 19th April 2018 <- Date change
Time: 10.30am to 1pm approx
Location: Ocknell Pond Car Park Google Maps Location
Length: Approx 5 miles full route
Terrain: Easy to moderate; mostly flat with small hills
Equipment: Water, snacks (lunch), sensible walking shoes, suncream, quick cover up
Description: This route is the much loved Mogshade Hill New Forest Naked Hike or walk and is a perfect route to start the 2018 naked hiking season. It is mostly flat and easy terrain although there are a couple of small hills. Not a strenuous walk and suitable for most people. Nudity level is around 90% covering up for A31 crossing and first 200 yards from car park.

All welcome. Under 18s should have parent/guardian accompany them. Full nudity required although ladies may stage nudity if uncomfortable to begin with.

Any questions, please comment below.

Map of the route for the Mogshade Hill New Forest Naturist Walk.

Mogshade Hill Naturist Naked Hike New Forest