Naked Hike Southampton

Naked Hike SouthamptonWelcome to Naked Hike Southampton – Where Naturist Walks In New Forest are Planned

You may remember the old Naked Hike Southampton web site where we listed the organised naturist walks we did in the New Forest? If so, this has now moved to this web site. We thought it was a better idea to promote everything Naturist on one site.

Our walks are still being organised and will be listed here but links to the main Events page will hold all the details in full.

The New Forest is still the place our walks take place and new routes are being added all the time. Mogshade Hill walk still remains the most popular and Fritham Plain a close second.

There is a site in the New Forest called the Naked Man and we are currently in the process of planning a naked walk to this site; this walk is aptly named the “Naked Man” although naked women are more than welcome to come along as well.

All of our walks are quite short, usually just a few miles, and encompass some nice scenery, a place for a break to eat snacks and have a drink, maybe a paddle in a pond and some sunbathing as well. Everyone is encouraged to wear proper footwear and bring a “quick cover up” just on the off chance we should encounter a textile – no sense in embarrassing them, is there? < insert smiley face emoticon >

Anyway, our rules are pretty simple – everyone should be nude on the walk, snacks, drinks and quick cover up to be carried and most importantly, enjoy it!