Site Updates

As you can see, this web site is still under development and has a some way to go before being completed – although it will continue to recieve ongoing updates.

In the meantime, please “bare” with us. All the staff are working to make this site fully functional with lots of useful content and functions as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have any issues, spot any bugs or have any suggestions on what should or should not be included on the site, please leave a comment on the update post.

19/02/19 – So work has resumed on the web site and the idea is to make it more of a meeting place where true naturists can interact and join in on events.

18/11/18 – Apologies for lack of content/update; now back on the job!

25/02/18 – Created Twitter account for the web site; please follow @UKNaturism

22/02/18 – Updated software and plugins. Added beach to list.

02/01/18 – Updated plugins.

14/06/17 – Updated welcome email to respond correctly to new user registration on the forum

14/06/17 – Updated code to allow images to be embedded into posts on the forum